Stainless Steel Weld On Filler Neck Gas Fuel Water Tank Bung 228 Series

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228-SS 4621

Made in the USA

Top Quality 321 Stainless Steel

321 stainless has the same corrosion resistant qualities as 304 with the added benefit of a small amount of titanium.  Titanium is added to prevent carbide precipitation during welding.  321 SS is widely used by the military and aircraft industries because it is more durable and holds its shape better during welding.   The same welding techniques are used as welding 304.

Weld On Filler Neck Bung

One Piece Construction

Outside Diameter: 2.3"

Length: 1.3"

Thickness: 0.60"

Cap Cam Opening Inside Diameter 1.53"

All of Our 228 Series Caps Fits this Neck

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